Stand Out With Our Performance Marketing Services

What is Performance Marketing? 

As this suggests, the exciting part about this form of marketing is it is tied to tangible results that deliver performance. These tangible results can be one of several completed actions such as a sale, lead sent to a website, a download and so on.

However, payment of the service is tied to the result or performance – hence its attractive to clients and a key reason why this form of marketing has seen an exponential growth in recent years.

But it is an approach that requires several key elements to work seamlessly together; brand, paid media and tech being the major factors.

At Ten Four we have these quite different skill sets in-house making coordination easier, visibility of data more freely available and importantly the ability to interpret and act on insights a continual process. This adds up to performance being achieved which benefits our clients, and of course us given this is how we are remunerated.

Our expertise in Facebook, Instagram and Google advertising has allowed many businesses to see a better return for their marketing budgets, increase their bottom line and ultimately grow their business.

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We don’t set and forget – we continually monitor and optimise your marketing to ensure that it’s performing at its peak


Head of Digital Execution

Ten Four works with clients to help build their businesses by implementing successful and profitable campaigns across key social media platforms, enabling and expanding direct-to-consumer relationships as well as profitability.

We’re social media marketing specialists

Allow our team of social media marketing specialists to drive more conversions and maximise your revenue through expert performance marketing. We harness the power of forward-thinking and our innate knowledge of the digital space to help you succeed. 

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