Our Media Planning and Buying Services

TenFour Performance Marketing

How do we get in front of the right audience at the right time?

​Truly understanding our audience and knowing which media choices will allow our messaging to connect is the fundamental building block to enable success.

Intelligent media planning is vital, not to mention costly if you don’t get it right. We take the time to research our audience based on data, test campaigns and tangible engagement through differing media.

Ensuring the right tech is in place in order to derive insights is key in optimising our media. Given this we work closely with our tech teams in addition to the brand team to optimise campaign direction.

We freely work across all media channels including traditional and digital with a particular focus on performance media execution.


Planning & Buying

Data Acquisition & Management

Lead Generation

Paid Social Media Campaigns

Google AdWords


In a world where more media is consumed than ever before, being smart with how you plan and buy it is critical


Head of Digital Execution

Don’t increase your ad spend, increase how it works for you.

Media choice plays a key role in maximising your return on investment (ROI). From traditional media to social and search engine marketing, we know which media to use at the right time.

We ensure that your brand is visible on a number of different channels in order to really reach your target audience. We optimise each campaign for multiple mediums depending on where your customers are most active. Using data and audience insights we can effectively create a media plan that’s customised especially for the success of your business. 

Our team incorporates the elements of the sales funnel in order to drive your media plan. We create relevant traffic for your business at each step of the funnel from awareness through to consideration, conversion and advocacy. 

Find out how our dynamic team can effectively plan your media strategy in order to maximise success.