My skin, my way


The Client

Nearly two decades ago, the launch of Gillette Venus transformed a category that was harsh and masculine into a truly female experience.

Inspired by the body of a woman, Venus married the ultimate in performance with smooth comfort, forever changing the way women feel about shaving.



Our approach

We work with Venus to develop eye-catching and engaging creative to drive online sales.

From ideation, development to shooting the product imagery in imaginative and elegant settings, our ads stay true to the brand ideals and highlight the benefits of the products.

  • Data Analytics
  • E-com strategy
  • Media strategy
  • Photography
  • Social media advertising

Part of our role is the art direction, production and creation of photography that emphasises the Venus brand messaging.

Product imagery that uses the Venus brand guidelines, showcases the product benefits and celebrates the design is critical to creating engaging social media advertising.

Organic social media

Maintaining an open, informative and warm engagement with your customer base through social media is critical to building an audience.

Focussing on core content pillars, we develop content that engages and inspires a very loyal customer base.