Small batch gin with big ideas


The Brief
What started as a hobby amongst friends has quickly become one of the most sought-after spirits on bottleshop shelves.

Inspired by native Australian botanical ingredients, Stoken Gin is hand made and bottled in beautiful northern New South Wales. Genuine small-batch gin, made with care and dedication, by distillers with an eye for detail and a palate to match.



Our approach
Ten Four worked closely with the distillers to develop the brand from its very early beginnings. We developed the name, brand identity, bottles and labels before designing and developing the e-commerce site.

Taking inspiration from the natural beauty of Northern NSW, the brand identity uses a blend of traditional and modern designs to create a bottle that has a quiet elegance when sitting on the bottleshop shelf, or at home on the bar.

  • Brand
  • Brand development
  • E-com strategy
  • Logo design
  • Photography
  • Website UX design

Part of our role was the art direction, production, and creation of photography that emphasises the Stoken brand messaging.

Showcasing Stoken bottles in a natural environment, where it has been made reinforces the brand story. Lifestyle imagery that highlights the different drink styles that can be made educates and entices the audience.