Your journey to independent wealth


The Brief
Massland is a property investment course that aims to educate people and help them begin their journey to independent wealth.

Our campaign had many layers to the strategy with an overall aim to produce quality leads for the sales team to call in person and convert.



Our approach
Using the strong base of content available, we created a targeted social media campaign that focused on the success stories of Massland.

These were directed to optimised landing pages with unique content for different audiences. These generated leads were then followed up by the dedicated Massland sales team, with a personal approach that proved to be extremely successful.

  • Data Analytics
  • Digital
  • E-com strategy
  • Media strategy
  • Social media advertising
  • Video
  • Website UX design


  • $80,000 ad spend per month
  • $5,000 average order value
  • $100 – 200 average acquisition cost
  • 10 – 14% conversion rate (sales team)
  • 2.1 ROAS
  • $16,000 customer lifetime value
  • Total sales revenue created $1,590,000