Putting the heat into your shaving routine

Gillette Heated Razor

The Brief
A world-first in shaving technology,The GilletteLabs Heated Razor  delivers the comfort of a hot towel in your own home. Featuring a number of high tech features, such as a stainless steel warming bar and a wireless charging dock, we were tasked with the digital marketing and social media marketing strategy in Australia to support the worldwide release.


Our approach
Our role was to engage audiences with striking creative and convert them to buying audiences. This involved a multi-layered approach of engagement and information. A strong EDM campaign supported the other digital channels in communicating to prospective buyers.

  • Data Analytics
  • Digital
  • E-com strategy
  • Media strategy
  • Social media advertising
  • Website UX design

The Website
Optimally designed with customer education and awareness at the forefront, the website was utilised as the central point of all digital marketing. Not only did it tell the story of design and development, it fit seamlessly within the existing Gillette e-commerce experience.

Social Media
Engaging audiences on social media with exciting creative was key to driving awareness of this new product. Utilising the library of assets from Gillette, we were able to develop a large variety of creative that was continually reviewed and optimised for best performance.

EDM Campaign
It was critical to stay engaged with the audience throughout the customer journey. We implemented a thorough and dynamic EDM campaign that offered product details and features to educate and engage.