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Keenly debated in the Ten Four office, our top 5 Brand Identities of 2018 is a celebration of (in our humble opinion) the best of the best in brand design and execution. Covering a wide range of industries and creative directions, this year saw the brave and the bold up against timeless and elegant – who will come out on top?


UEFA Champions League

When it comes to refreshing the brand for one of the most watched sporting competitions in the world, every detail needs to be considered. It has to be universally recognised, consistent and flexible to fit a wide range of formats across digital and broadcast. This amazing project from UK based Design Studio uses the theme of light and illumination to craft an identity that reflects the gravitas and energy of the competition.

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Bandido Coffee Co.

Bandido Coffee Co is an independent coffee brand based in LA. This awesomely simple and effective brand was design by London based Magpie Studio and simply oozes character and charm. By using the ‘B’ monogram that doubles as a classic thief or bandit mask, they’ve created a logo mark that is unmistakable and a lot of fun. Bonus points for the concept of stealing other coffee shops’ gift cards and vandalising them with their own branding as their business cards!

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The Guardian

When you work in the business of information and stories, clarity and typography are king. The culmination of a much larger rebranding exercise done by the in-house design team, the new identity and visual system for The Guardian newspaper and website brings it into the digital age. The sharpness and elegance of the new serif masthead and the gravitas of the ‘G’ monogram give it a strong, confident presence. In print and online it just works!



We actually covered this is an earlier blog post (you can read here). As far as brand refreshes go, this is a case of a completely unexpected direction that really divided the office. But one thing we could all agree on is that it has bundles of personality, is unexpected and memorable. And if you know Mailchimp, they aren’t a brand that follows trends – they’re a unique web giant that goes against the grain. From the bold colour palette, the retro feel typography and some out-there illustrations, expect a lot of copy cats in the coming year.

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Hands down the absolute favourite in the Ten Four office. Designed in-house in collaboration with Munich-based Martin et Karczinski, this is a rare example of a brand refresh where every single aspect improves the overall brand, while not losing any of the legacy of the existing identity. Subtle and meaningful, every touchpoint of the brand experience was taken into consideration and elevated (flight pun totally intended). An airline brand refresh is no small task, there are so many elements that need to work harmoniously together and this is beautifully executed. A benchmark in brand design and a deserving winner in our 2018 list.

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