Is photography hurting your brand and e-commerce conversions?

Feb 25, 2021 | Photography

Could poor photography be hurting your sales online? Creating an enjoyable customer experience through imagery is key to increasing your bottom line.

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A core aspect of your brand that is often overlooked in the rush to get a good idea up and running can be your product photography. Your e-commerce website needs to deliver product imagery that is of a high standard; potential customers won’t feel comfortable and confident in handing over their hard earned money to a site that doesn’t allow them to compare, analyse and get a genuine feel for the nature of a product. Here are some quick tips when thinking about your product photography.
Keep it consistent
Smooth seas don’t rock the boat. If users on your site are browsing multiple products, sizes and variations, they expect to see consistency in the images. Exactly like browsing in a physical retail environment, users want to be able to compare products against each other –  imagery that doesn’t correctly show scale and colouring makes this almost impossible.
3 bottles of gin to show range of product photography

Product range photography for Stoken Gin

Don’t tell me, show me
Showing how a particular product functions in a basic way is an huge plus for online customers. Short form videos that show the contents of a beauty product for example can put customers minds at ease when committing to a purchase.

Images showing product photography in use

We used photography to highlight the ingredients and textures of Cannuka’s products

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Clean and sharp
The staple image of e-commerce; the product shot on white! As boring as it may be, this is the image that can be the most critical. It shows your product in isolation, as if sitting there in front of the user. As simple as it seems to shoot these images with a phone against a flat wall, you should really be using a studio tent with proper lighting to get the full effect.
Side by side comparison of studio and phone photography

A comparison between studio shot products (left) and shot using a phone camera

It’s all in the details
Does your product have great details, like intricate stitching or detailed craftmanship? Then customers want to see it! Your product deserves to be shown in its best light, so find a macro lens (or even a probe lens) and get zooming! Detail shots help to complete the picture (so to speak) but also act as testament to the products quality.
Macro photography showing detail in products

Detail shots for Gillette to showcase the intricate engineering of the blades

We partner with Ecomstudios to deliver the highest standard of product photography for our clients.