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Southern Cross University

Students who make Southern Cross University their first preference choice are very important. Historically, conversion rates were lower than desired.

We reached out to them and made them feel special and recognised by name using a variety of media to engage and create an ongoing dialogue.

What we did:
  • Campaign strategy
  • Direct Mail and EDM
  • Video
  • Digital (web design and development)

Initially we used personalised direct mail to invite them to an open day event and encouraged them to register at a website where they could create a profile and exchange useful information with SCU about their experience and journey.

For those who ‘waiver’ between choosing one University over another, this made all the difference in our favour.

Personalised touch-points made prospective students feel a personal connection with SCU before they had even arrived for the Open Day experience. The goal was to make this connection a lasting impression that would carry them over into enrolment.

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