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Dannibelle is a social media personality – a down-to-earth, bubbly fitness figurehead with a loyal fanbase and a growing presence on the world stage. She stands for healthy living, exercise and personal growth and broadcasts her journey across multiple platforms.

In 2018, with the help of Ten Four, she launched her first exercise program to an eager audience; garnering a healthy measure of sales worldwide. While the initial reception was phenomenal, it presented a challenge in the long term: how could Dannibelle scale her business and acquire a greater market share within her niche?

After some consideration the answer became clear – a partnership was soon formed and we deployed a strategy geared towards brand unification and growth.

What we did:
  • WordPress to Shopify Migration
  • eBook art direction, creation and dispatch
  • Website redesign
  • Custom Shopify theme development





In order to foster a growing community and establish Dannibelle as an authority in her niche, one step we took was a ground-up rebuild of her website. This was an area that had previously been given less attention than her social media channels – and it was high time for a major makeover!

As we were planning for significant growth the website would need to become a central hub from which all other content could be accessed and products purchased.

The result was a site that was tonally accurate, while both expanding and solidifying the Dannibelle brand. The new design suggests a busy, vibrant community while encouraging visitors to become a part of the tribe through numerous touchpoints and CTAs.

A central area immediately under the homepage banner hosts curated articles, videos and recipes –  highlighting Dannibelle’s significant output and building trust in her as a figurehead for fitness. We then opted for further credibility markers before showcasing her latest product.

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